Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex
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Whack Your Ex is a game that should be released with the motto "don't try this at home." This hardcore action game is suitable for those who like surprises and thrills. And most importantly, to play it, you need to be smart and inventive. It seems to be a very strange comics at first. Whack Your Ex is optional and can be played online. However, it is also available for mobile devices.

Visuals 9/10

The graphics of the game are quite simple. There is nothing striking in it. The characters you see are drawn schematically as if it were a child's drawing or a caricature. The graphics is really perfect for this game, as it is pretty funky. Besides, the game is really brutal, so if the graphics were more naturalistic, it would be too much. As you look at all this cruelty in the form of a simply drawn cartoon or something like that, the actions of the characters do not seem so creepy. It’s significant because it’s not a horror game.

Sound 8/10

The sound in the game is quite primitive, which is not surprising because it is a grotesque style, in which simplicity and negligence is not some kind of sin. The characters are sometimes extremely emotional, which makes the game even more fun and strange.

Plot & Characters 9/10

Sometimes gifts given once by a loved one are fraught with grave danger. Sometimes, there are exceptions, and gifts can be not very pleasant and even dangerous.

Look at what gifts the characters have prepared for each other. You can't win or lose this in Whack Your Ex, but you can choose the right weapon to make your virtual opponent suffer. However, it would be best if you also were ready.

Click the mouse on any object at the feet of a young man or girl, and see how creative inventive and cruel people can be. I wonder what they could have done to deserve one of the gifts in real-life? If you like shocking things, this game is for you.

Replays? 9/10

The game cannot be won or lost. It is just an endless stream of fun with a touch of violence. Naturally, this game is not for children. But if you're an adult who just needs to blow off some steam, then you will probably want to play Whack Your Ex online more than once to give your emotions free rein. It's safe and enjoyable.


It's an excellent option for adults who need to blow off some steam. Graphics and sound are not works of art, but that's the point. The game can be quite cruel, so it's not recommended for kids. Certainly, if you don’t like creepy and virtually painful surprises, this game is also not recommended for you. However, it’s a real treasure for hardcore games fans. You don't even have to download Whack Your Ex. the given game is available online. No need to take up storage on your phone, that can be a huge advantage. Just launch the game from time to time and entertain.


  • The game provides an emotional relief
  • There’s a lot of specific humor
  • Simple and funny graphics


  • The game is not for everyone, especially for kids
  • May seem to be extremely brutal

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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