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Dynamic Pixels crafted the online multiplayer game Secret Neighbor, which intertwines social engagement with thrilling horror elements, and it was published by tinyBuild. Launched in October 2019, the game has swiftly caught the attention of the gaming world and is accessible across several platforms, such as Sony PS 4, Xbox One, Switch by Nintendo, and Windows. As a spin-off from the acclaimed indie title "Hello Neighbor," Secret Neighbor entices players with its enthralling blend of adventure, mystery, and cooperative play.

In a setting of a haunting house shrouded in mystery, players are plunged into an intense realm filled with excitement and apprehension. Playing as the eponymous "Secret Neighbor," your objective is to pose as one of the children, join a group of friends, and sabotage their quest to save a friend from the sinister basement. This multiplayer game thrives on the elements of suspense, tactical deception, and teamwork.

An Exploration of Gameplay Nuances and Limitations

A standout attribute of Secret Neighbor is its element of surprise. You're never sure if your cohorts are bona fide allies or the Neighbor in a clever disguise. This unpredictability sustains a high level of engagement throughout the game. Teamwork is crucial, as each child's character comes with unique skills essential to the group’s success. The Brave can stun the Neighbor for a time, the Detective knows where to find key items, and the Inventor can craft useful gadgets from scrap.

Despite these inventive aspects, Secret Neighbor isn’t without its imperfections. Players have pointed out sporadic server issues that disrupt the flow of multiplayer gaming. There are periods when the balance between the Neighbor and the children seems uneven, which can dampen the competitive spirit. Some abilities seem only conditionally helpful, raising questions about their usefulness. A lack of task variety in each match is another shortcoming mentioned, which could lead to a feeling of repetition with prolonged play.

Reflections on the Gaming Experience

The majority of the feedback from players regarding Secret Neighbor is positive. The game's tense environment and the gamble of trust continually captivate its audience. The mechanics of disguise and resulting suspicion among players create a compelling mix of exhilaration and paranoia. Strategy and communication are vital, enriching the game's social dimension and heightening the element of surprise.

Despite grievances about diversity and potential imbalances in character abilities, many players assert that the excitement of deception and the cooperative challenges make Secret Neighbor an experience worth having. Ultimately, Secret Neighbor stands out in the social horror gaming scene by offering a unique combination of nervous excitement, teamwork, and heart-pounding moments - emphasizing the chilling reality that sometimes the greatest threats are closer than they appear.

As an innovative horror experience, Secret Neighbor involves players in a quest where deception is key, and trust is a rare commodity. 


  • Asymmetric Gameplay
  • Social Deduction Mechanic
  • Teamwork
  • Replayability
  • Suspenseful Atmosphere
  • Kid-Friendly Design
  • Regular Updates.


  • Limited Content
  • Balance Issues.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 4

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