Bubble CoCo : Bubble Shooter

Bubble CoCo : Bubble Shooter
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Bubble CoCo is an exciting browser game that is available to Facebook users. You do not need to download Bubble CoCo to enjoy the game. At first glance, the gameplay may seem uninteresting and the plot is missing. But it is not. The game has a unique story, full of meaning and purpose. We offer you a detailed review of Bubble CoCo.

Visuals 7 / 10

The game has a static background, which remains in one position throughout the mission. The environment is painted bright and attractive, so children and adults are interested in playing the Bubble CoCo game. The animation is designed with high quality. You have to watch the balloons burst, a slingshot bullet flies, and the chickens are released from captivity. In the background at this time, you can see a lot of interesting details. The gameplay takes place at different times of the year, so the developers added locations with snow, grass, other elements of the environment.

Sounds 7.5 / 10

Throughout the gameplay, you are accompanied by pleasant and calm music. All actions of the main character are complemented by sound effects. For example, you can hear the sound of a bursting inflatable ball. Unique sound effects are added to each location. For example, in a snowy valley, the sound background corresponds to winter. And in the summer location, you can hear birds singing in the background. This improves the perception of the gameplay and makes the full version of Bubble CoCo more interesting and exciting.

Plot & Characters 8 / 10

In the center of the plot of the game is a chicken, from which an evil fox stole chickens. The evil fox hides the chickens in inflatable balloons so that they do not escape. The chicken is not confused in this situation. She uses a slingshot to punch through the inflatable balloons and save her children. All balloons are different colors. You have to pick any of them, aim and shoot with a slingshot. For each accurate hit, you get a bonus point reward.

Replays 6.5 / 10

It is free to play Bubble CoCo interesting during the first mission. But repeated play will seem boring and uninteresting to many users. Because only locations change, and complexity and main mission remain unchanged. Few players after passing several game levels repeat it again.


To play online Bubble CoCo for positive emotions and fun. You can play with friends or alone on your smartphone or personal computer. This mini-game deserves everyone's attention, as it is much like another game Candy Crush. You will have fun blowing balloons with a slingshot and catching stolen chickens. But you shouldn't hope for a fascinating repeat of the game. After a while, the missions will seem monotonous and linear. We recommend free Bubble CoCo in order to pass the time and relax.



  • High-quality sound accompaniment
  • It's an interesting story
  • Detailed locations


  • Uniform gameplay

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 4

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Bubble CoCo : Bubble Shooter Bubble CoCo : Bubble Shooter

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