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Google Classroom is an educational app that allows students and teachers to interact with each other via its services. The app is a real treasure during the lockdown period and is incredibly useful for remote learning. After you download Google Classroom on your phone you have to pass through a quick registration.

Design 9/10

The design of the app is not that bright and it must be definitely noted in Google Classroom review. While the main concept of the app is to help students and teachers to learn and teach, accordingly, sometimes it is not that easy to keep attention to the whiteboard with plain black letters on it. There are numerous educational apps with incredible graphics and creative backgrounds. Google Classroom app is well organized, but still missing the bright colors.

Sound & Notifications 9/10

There is no advanced sound support in the Google Classroom Android app. Perhaps sounds would distract students from learning, so you will not hear any of them. Yet, there are notifications that appear on your screen if your peers or teachers want to reach you.

The app does not have to stay open, and you don’t have to use it all the time to receive these notifications. However, if something important happens you will immediately know about that.

Set of Functions 10/10

The Google Classroom free app is educational and does not have to be fun. However, it is. You will find everything you need inside it. The main features you will appreciate:

  • Teachers can add students to the class with a few simple taps. You can send invitations to anyone you want to see in class;
  • You can check out and put the grade on the work via the Google Classroom app;
  • All the tasks for students are visible and available inside one particular category, so students will always be able to check whether they have new assignment to make, without having to ask teachers;
  • There is a fast communication that can be arranged between students and teachers;
  • Teachers can publish announcements and share them with students via Google Classroom apk;
  • Classes do not contain ads. Your personal information stays private;
  • All the tasks are separated by the folders with an appropriate name on Google Disk.

Usability 10/10

Google Classroom latest version is simple in use. While you may complain about the dull graphics, which could be brighter or with more images, this app has a crystal clear interface. The icons are standard and understandable. The app follows each step and gives you recommendations in case you are lost. However, in a few hours, you will learn everything about it. After Google Classroom install process is over you can check out the menu to find the tools for your work.


After you download Google Classroom on your phone, the app will ask you to grant several permissions for its work. Don’t worry, your data is required for your own learning process. It does not go anywhere. The app is free of charge. It does not contain ads that can distract you from the learning process. There are numerous advantages for both teachers and students who are able to communicate with each other via the app.


  • Free of charge
  • Simple to use
  • Direct communication
  • Does not contain ads


  • It requires an Internet connection
  • It asks to grant several permissions for tools on your phone

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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