Control Developer Reveals More Details About Multiplayer Live Service Title Condor

Remedy Entertainment, renowned for creating immersive and thought-provoking games like Control (2019) and Alan Wake 2 (2023), has unveiled plans for its upcoming project, currently referred to by the codename Condor. Spotted in the company's latest financial report by VGC, this project marks Remedy's venture into the realm of live-service games.

Condor stands out as Remedy's inaugural foray into service-oriented gaming experiences. Scheduled to move into full production within the year, this new title will utilize the studio's proprietary Northlight engine and is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

Unlike many live-service games, Condor will follow an unconventional pricing model. The game will not follow a free-to-play approach but will instead be offered at a lower initial price. This strategy includes plans for future game expansions and the possibility of incorporating microtransactions to enhance the gaming experience.

Delving deeper into Condor's essence, Remedy has shared insights into the game's setting and thematic focus. It appears the narrative will predominantly unfold within the enigmatic confines of the Oldest House, the central locale featured in Control. Players will embark on a mission to reclaim this space from the clutches of the Hiss, a malevolent force that fans of the series are all too familiar with.

The game is expected to cast players into the roles of personnel from the Federal Bureau of Control. In executing their duties, they will likely interact with and receive directives from characters that have become staples in the Control franchise.

As Condor progresses towards its release, anticipation builds for how this live-service game will expand the Control universe and offer players a novel way to engage with its intriguingly supernatural world.