Cities: Skylines 2 Gets Beach Properties Asset Pack, In-Game Mod Tools

Colossal Order has recently expanded the universe of Cities: Skylines 2 by introducing the game’s very first post-launch asset pack named Beach Properties. This addition, which enriches the gaming experience by offering an array of beachfront properties for construction within the game, is now accessible across all gaming platforms for a cost of $9.99. Beyond purchasing it separately, gamers can also acquire the Beach Properties asset pack by opting for the Waterfronts Expansion Pass or by investing in the Ultimate Edition of Cities: Skylines 2.

This latest expansion not only brings the allure of the seaside closer to gamers by including a Waterfront zoning feature but also enhances city landscapes with signature buildings that bear European and North American architectural styles. In addition, the pack embellishes cities with new cosmetic elements, such as a variety of trees, enriching the visual appeal and diversity of urban environments.

In addition to the Beach Properties pack, Cities: Skylines 2 is also venturing into new territory by offering its community the capability to engage with in-game modding for the first time. This forward step provides players with tools to design, share, and enjoy modifications in the form of Map and Code mods, with the distribution of these mods facilitated through the Paradox Mods platform.

It should be noted that as these modding tools represent the initial offering for Cities: Skylines 2, the breadth of modifications that can be created may initially be more limited compared to the extensive modding capabilities observed in the game’s predecessor. Nonetheless, plans are in place to enhance these tools with future updates, promising a broader range of creative possibilities for the game’s modding community in time.

This dual release of the Beach Properties asset pack alongside the introduction of modding tools underscores Colossal Order’s commitment to expanding the Cities: Skylines 2 experience, offering both new content and avenues for player creativity.