My Name is Mayo

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My Name is Mayo is a joking casual game about an ordinary jar of mayo that is struggling identity issues just like a real human being. There is no open world or unique gameplay mechanics. It’s just a compilation of stories that could happen with anyone. You can download My Name is Mayo by Green Lava Studios for your PS4 on PlayStation™Store.

Graphics – 4.5/5

It’s hard to judge graphics in the My Name is Mayo game. It’s not a game in the usual sense. It’s more like an interactive American sketch show. Every scenario brings in various skins for the jar and activates different textual parts. That’s it!

Gameplay – 4/5

My Name is Mayo gameplay is very simple and extremely weird. The whole game long you have to click on the jar that stands in the middle of the screen to get various achievements. The odd thing about this My Name is Mayo review is that all the achievements you win are actual trophies on the PlayStation Network. You can spend just 30-40 minutes and get a Platinum.

The scenarios in the game are hilarious and usually very surprising. During the game, you find that this soul-endowed jar is not that simple. It may try to look like your mother, father, or even like your beautiful sister. For these purposes, the jar always changes costumes and tries on something new. Jar’s wardrobe is full of bikinis, suits, fake facial hair and wigs, and hats. The only question is how does it manage to wear them? The whole story is very, and the clicking mechanic is very confusing. Every time you choose a mission, you wait for something new to happen, but the game laughs at you again and again.

Controls – 4.5/5

The controls in My Name is Mayo casual game are as simple as everything else in this title. Your mission is to click the jar until it presents you with a new achievement. To perform this easy action, you have to move the cursor-hand to point at the jar and frequently press X to get the prize. That’s too easy to be real.

Replay Value – 4/5

My Name is Mayo full game completion takes about 30-40 minutes. This is worth doing because at the end of the game you get a Platinum award no matter what. It’s also worth half of an hour due to some funny jokes and gags. Finally, it’s a one of a kind game that makes fun of the whole PSN trophy system and games with elaborate gameplay features.

The Bottom Line

In general, My Name is Mayo is a bizarre game that can make you laugh and feel confused about the simplicity of actions. You can never play it and refuse the easiest Platinum trophy in your life or get it for just $1 and 30 minutes. Perhaps, developers didn’t mean to become famous, but they caused a massive wave of hype and millions of downloads on all platforms.


Download My Name is Mayo to play one of the shortest and weirdest games ever published in PlayStation™Store.


  • Weird story of a jar that comes to life and acts like a human
  • Simple gameplay
  • The short story brings Platinum in 30 minutes
  • Some jokes are hilarious


  • Many cringe humor
  • It’s almost useless without the platinum

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 4

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