Grand Theft Auto 6 is on Track for 2025 Launch, Contrary to Reports – Rumour

After much anticipation over the years for Grand Theft Auto 6, recent information from Kotaku indicated that the development might be lagging, hinting at a possible push to 2026 for the game's debut. This news understandably caused a stir among fans eagerly awaiting the next installment. Nevertheless, differing statements have surfaced, adding layers of uncertainty regarding the game's timeline.

Mike Straw, holding the position of senior editor at Insider Gaming, brought a hopeful perspective to the discussion. He shared insights gathered from various sources, which painted a more optimistic picture. According to Straw, despite whispers of delay, Grand Theft Auto 6 is progressing as planned. He addressed rumors of a postponement beyond 2025 as baseless speculation, not grounded in the current status of the project.

It's important to note that while Kotaku's report discussed 2026 as a backup plan by Rockstar Games, should they encounter further developmental setbacks, they still aim for an early 2025 release, albeit acknowledging that a later date within the same year could be more realistic.

Rockstar Games has a record of taking extra time to polish their titles, leading to release date shifts. Given this history, it wouldn't be entirely surprising if Grand Theft Auto 6's arrival were delayed beyond its anticipated launch period. 

As the gaming community continues to watch for updates, the mixed messages spark debates and speculation around when players can finally explore the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga. Whether the game will stay the course for a 2025 launch or slip into the next year remains a hot topic among fans and industry observers alike.