Helldivers 2’s Newest Major Order Wants Players to Eliminate All Automatons

Arrowhead Game Studios, the development team behind Helldivers 2, has tasked its player base with an ambitious new mission that carries significant implications for the game's expansive universe. This new challenge, dubbed a Major Order, calls upon players to embark on a critical mission into the heart of the Trigon Sector with the goal of completely eradicating the Automaton threat.

Titled "Operation Swift Disassembly," this mission comes as a direct response to intelligence gathered from captured robots, which indicated an imminent large-scale assault planned by the Automatons. In a proactive move, the Helldivers' high command has issued a call to arms for a preemptive strike to neutralize this danger.

This new Major Order follows a similarly challenging task where players were instructed to completely immunize the Terminids using Termicide. Despite the Helldivers 2 community's valiant efforts, this particular mission ended in failure. However, success in the current mission could lead to the unprecedented removal of a faction from the ongoing conflict within the game, altering its storyline in a significant manner.

Speculation is also rife about the potential emergence of a third faction, which could add a new dimension to the game's strategic landscape. This adds a layer of strategy, as a reduction in the number of factions might actually prepare the Helldivers for upcoming challenges and adversaries.

As Helldivers 2 continues to evolve through its live service model, integrating narrative-driven missions like these not only enhances player engagement but also deepens the lore and world-building of the game, promising an ever-changing and thrilling gameplay experience.