Destiny 2: Into the Light Livestream Set for March 26th, Showcases New Social Space and Weapons

Bungie has unveiled the core content for Destiny 2's latest update, Into the Light, accessible at no extra charge for all players. This new feature involves players defending against successive waves of Hive and Taken foes, all the while fulfilling various missions and facing increasing challenges. 

During the most recent "This Week in Destiny" broadcast, Bungie announced its upcoming livestream scheduled for March 26th at 10 AM PT. This event promises to give players a sneak peek into the rewards awaiting them, which includes the introduction of BRAVE Arsenal weapons, possibly distributed by Shaxx, a fresh social gathering area, and Year 1-inspired armor sets, among other exciting prizes. The developers are preparing to show off all the new additions and more during the stream.

Set to go live on April 9th, Into the Light serves as a precursor to Destiny 2’s grand finale, The Final Shape, marking the conclusion of the long-running Light and Darkness narrative. This highly anticipated expansion is slated for a June 4th release across various platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4, and PS5. However, there are rumblings of concern that its performance might not live up to expectations, potentially leading to further staff cuts at Bungie.

This update promises to rejuvenate the player experience with a blend of nostalgic armor designs, challenging new gameplay modes, and an array of sought-after weaponry, ensuring that guardians will have plenty to look forward to as they prepare for the ultimate showdown in The Final Shape.