V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania Collaboration Announced, Launches May 8th

On May 8, Stunlock Studios is ushering V Rising out of early access on PC, presenting fans with new and enticing content for its official 1.0 release. Among the fresh additions, the most exciting is perhaps the ingenious collaboration with Konami’s iconic Castlevania series. A teaser trailer has already sparked anticipation among fans.

This unique partnership is titled Legacy of Castlevania, rolling out alongside the 1.0 launch. It pits players against the renowned Simon Belmont, who wields the formidable Vampire Killer whip, among other potent weapons. Emerging victorious in this battle allows players to acquire the whip and harness new powers. While this challenging boss encounter is accessible to all players free of charge, the collaboration further extends into the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack, offering exclusive content.

The premium pack is designed for fans wishing to infuse their gameplay and in-game dwelling with the distinctive Castlevania vibe through cosmetic DLC. Additionally, it features castle music re-envisioned by Aleksandria Migova, a skeletal mount, and character customization options inspired by “legendary Castlevania characters,” promising a nostalgic blend of the two worlds. 

Rickard Frisegard, CEO of Stunlock Studios, shared his enthusiasm about bringing a slice of the Castlevania realm into V Rising. He pointed out that this collaboration allowed the team to pour their admiration and hard work for the Castlevania series into V Rising, offering players a unique experience that combines the essences of both games. Fans are eagerly waiting to embark on this crossover adventure come May 8, marking a significant milestone for V Rising and celebrating the union with the legendary Castlevania franchise.