King Crusher -- A Unusual Roguelike out of Ankama Games

It was that there are more fans of the Ankama studio than you might ever have thought. And especially for them, along with for several fans of different encounters, the company prepared a new occupation called King Crusher.

This is a mixture of RPG and puzzle with roguelike components. The graphics are really simple, but higher-excellent animation at the mode of the best pixel Cartoon games catches your attention.

About the Game

King Crusher is a unique role-playing game that combines concepts from several genres to provide you an entirely new experience. This game challenges you to bring your king to victory by beating the rest of the rulers within this distinctive medieval world.

The conflict is definitely the pinnacle of the sport playwith. Though the attacks are done mechanically, every sort of character has its own choice, and this usually means you will want to put them to enemies in the event that you'd love to overcome them.

But bear in mind, you don't just need to move them to attack, you also will need to get it done in order to protect against the attacks of the competition. In addition, should they collect enough energy, they can do attacks that are exceptional. For this, simply click these.

King Crusher is an interesting and one of a kind game that truly looks bewitching in pixel artwork style. Simple gameplay is best to motivate you to learn more about the area during your own first missions, however you'll have to master it in case you'd love to keep moving forward. There are 12 types of characters, each of which has its own skills, and you'll discover over 60 different occasions the moment you are in a position to select the path your journey takes.


From all ages, it has been shown that the expression of the king is legislation.

Because of this, you must collect heroes and adventurers from ten different classes and send them to combat. Every course consists of exceptional tricks and might strike from a different area.

Though that seems insufficient, this way, you are going to have the opportunity to discover the regions where the enemy will hit and also need maneuvers to evade these strikes.

Furthermore, on the way to the managers, it's likely to locate taverns for recruiting, tombs with relics, shops, and more.

Every time the battle will happen, there will be a sign. However, you've got to quickly move your hands to stay informed about the strikes as you're the person attacking these enemies.

Occasionally you won't have the capacity to defeat all the enemies, and you will want to work through the start adventures to come across enough cash to be able to unlock a few of the posts.

Moving from 1 encounter to another, you are going to be able to unlock new characters using different loot boxes. You are able to buy them with the in-game currency or by way of the in-app buys that might cost approximately $64.99. You don't necessarily need to purchase them if you do not want to advance quickly from the game.