It Takes Two Crosses 16 Million Units Sold

Upon celebrating the third anniversary of its release, Hazelight Studios shared the exciting news that their critically acclaimed co-op game, It Takes Two, has surpassed 16 million sales globally. This remarkable achievement highlights the game's continued popularity and commercial success since its 2021 debut. The sales figure was reported at 10 million just a year prior, indicating strong and sustained interest from the gaming community.

Furthermore, Hazelight revealed an impressive statistic that over 30 million gamers have experienced It Takes Two, thanks to the unique Friend’s Pass feature included with every purchase. This innovative approach allows players to share the gaming experience with a friend who doesn’t own the game, significantly increasing its reach and playability.

Our review of It Takes Two praised the game for its dynamic co-op gameplay, effortlessly transitioning between different gaming genres and maintaining a fresh and engaging experience throughout. However, we noted that its narrative and character development could have benefited from further refinement. Despite this, the game's standout co-op mechanics and enjoyable gameplay earned it a commendable score of 8/10.

It Takes Two's journey since its launch has been nothing short of impressive, capturing the hearts of millions of players worldwide and achieving critical and commercial success. Hazelight Studios' dedication to creating an immersive and unique gaming experience is evidently resonating well within the gaming community, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this beloved title.