Guide: Where to find a merchant in Valheim

As soon as you recover from your first adventures (and the first dozen ridiculous deaths) in Valheim, you will surely begin to arrange your residence and accumulate wealth. There's just one problem: in the Viking purgatory analog, all NPCs are hostile to one degree or another, and it won't work to trade with the locals, as in the same Minecraft, with one exception.

This guide is dedicated to the search for that most exceptional character, the dwarf Haldor.

How to find a merchant in Valheim

merchant in Valheim map

Since each game world in Valheim is procedurally generated, the merchant will be located in different locations. So we cannot give a specific point on your map — you will have to look for it again in each new world. And then you're lucky — a cunning dwarf can be both a five-minute walk from you, and at a great distance.

Nevertheless, everything is not so hopeless: the Haldor will spawn in accordance with certain rules. Therefore, if you are looking for a merchant, then keep in mind the following:

  • The dwarf is always in the "Black Forest" biome and not far from reservoirs and rivers. The best strategy, in this case, is to walk along the coast.
  • It's easy to understand that you are on the right track — as soon as you and the merchant are less than a kilometer apart, a mark in the form of a purse with coins will appear on the map.
  • It is easier to find Haldor at night, as he lights a fire.

This is how a merchant's caravan looks up close. It is quite difficult to confuse it with anything else

Playing on an already explored and convenient map will help to facilitate the search. If you consider that you can freely transfer characters between worlds, then this is the most convenient way to find Haldor and buy materials from him.

To play on such a map, create a new world in the main menu and enter a value in the "Grain" field.

One of the most convenient grains in the search for a trader is considered to be 123890. On this map, Haldor can be found at x = -1101, y = 47, z = 1103.

What can I buy from a dealer in Valheim

dealer in Valheim game art

The following items can be purchased from Haldor:

  • The "holiday hat" is a Santa Claus hat that does not give any additional effects. It costs 100 gold.
  • The "Crown of Dwarves" is something like a miner's lantern that is put on your head and illuminates the road. It will cost 620 gold coins.
  • "Megingerd" is an item that increases the load capacity by 150 units. The price of the issue is 950 coins.
  • Ymir's Flesh is a resource needed to create an Ice Axe and an Iron Sledgehammer. It costs 150 gold coins.
  • Thunderstone is a resource used to create an incinerator. It is sold for 50 coins.
  • A fishing rod is an object with which you can catch fish. Haldor will ask for 350 gold for her.
  • The bait is what, in fact, you need to fish with. It is sold in packs of 50 pieces for 10 gold pieces.

How to get coins in Valheim

You can replenish your wallet with gold as follows:

  • To clean chests (in caves, in destroyed houses, on Viking graves, etc.).
  • To find gold lying on the floor of sunken crypts and troll caves.
  • Loot defeated trolls (you can find them in the black forest both inside and outside troll caves, near stone ruins, or during an attack on your base).
  • Scavenge defeated goblins (they can be found on the plains, as well as in any other biome after you defeat Jaglut, the last boss).
  • To exchange amber, rubies, and amber pearls for gold from a merchant.