Guide: How to improve cars in Fortnite

Few people know, but it is possible to modify transport in Fortnite. In Season 2, chapter 3 (patch 20.00), special emphasis is placed on this mechanic along with the ability to upgrade an armored combat bus. We tell you how it all works

Why modify transport in Fortnite

First of all, it is worth doing this for the sake of buffs, which give additional details. In Season 2, Chapter 3, it's Chopkeg's tires and a dump. Tires increase the adhesion index to the surface, which will allow you to cut off-road more efficiently and calmly conquer steep slopes, and the blade will help cause more damage to structures and opponents who come across along the way.

And, of course, for the sake of advantage over opponents — any armored vehicle looks pretty intimidating, even if it's not a bus with turrets, not to mention that the vehicle will help you navigate the map more efficiently.

After upgrading the tires, you can safely drive even to a mountain peak

Another reason to know about local tuning is the experience of pumping a combat pass. You will be given experience in installing wheels and a blade. In addition, the game offers matching quests from time to time.

How Fortnite tuning works

gas station in Fortnite screenshot

Since pumping cars is a side mechanic, it is implemented as simply as possible. First, you need to find a detail to improve, and then throw it at the equipment as if you were throwing a grenade. If everything works out, then the transport will change its appearance in accordance with what kind of upgrade you "put" on it.

Where to find Chopkeg's tires in Fortnite

These modifiers will spawn randomly. But you are most likely to get them in the following ways:

  • At any of the gas stations on the map. They will usually be in garages and gas station buildings
  • They can also be found in red toolboxes. They should be followed either to the same gas stations or to the outskirts of the map.
  • Another reliable way to get hold of tires is simply to smash piles of tires with a pickaxe, which can be found in abundance in the area of Chonker's Highway and the gas stations already mentioned.

Where to find a dump in Fortnite

Dumps are a little more difficult to find. Most often, they can be found:

  • In red toolboxes.
  • In gold chests with loot,
  • Just lying on the ground in areas controlled by the "Loop."