Guide: How to earn Legend Tokens faster and unlock characters in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, by default, not the entire list of characters is available to the player. At first, a modest pool of 6 heroes is offered. The rest should be opened in the manner of the same League of Legends (which is noteworthy, in both games, the playable characters are called legends) — through donation or in-game currency. And if there are no questions with the first method, then with the second one, it is not very clear at all how to earn this very currency (and which one).

We are helping to sort out this issue.

In-game currency in Apex Legends

coin Apex Legends

To understand how to unlock a character, first, you need to understand what kind of in-game currency there is. After all, in fact, all new legends are bought, but this can not be done for any "money." There are three types of currency in Apex:

  • Valuable metals are needed to buy cosmetic items (banners, skins, coloring pages for weapons, and so on). It can be obtained in sets.
  • Legend Tokens are needed to unlock characters and buy legendary skins for them. You can earn money by raising the level.
  • Apex coins are a donation currency that can be used to purchase kits, characters, and legendary skins. You can get it for real money.

In other words, a new character can be touched either for a grind or for a donation. In the first case, you need to give 12,000 tokens, in the second — 750 coins. And since few people want to just give up and carry money for the opportunity to play for another hero, let's focus on the first payment option.

How to Earn Legend Tokens

You will receive the first pack of tokens when you reach level 4. To reach each subsequent level, you will receive 600 units of virtual money.

It sounds impressive, of course, but despite the fact that the new character will cost 12 thousand, it's a drop in the ocean. By simple calculations, you can find out that for the first "additional" legend, you will accumulate only at level 23, and for the second — you will already be at level 40th. And this is only if you do not get distracted by buying "cosmetics" for an already beloved hero.

How to get and earn experience in Apex Legends

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Let's list the most effective ways to earn coins. At the same time, we omit the fact that a small bonus to experience is provided for a local combat pass — after all, not everyone is ready to donate.

Win matches…

Yes, it certainly sounds a little mocking, especially at first. But on the other hand, for such heroism, they will give decent horseradish. If you get into the top five squads, you will get 300 points, and if you win — as many as 900.

... or just survive

But this task is already a little easier. For every second while you are alive, a "survival bonus" of 3 XP is awarded. So the best strategy for scoring points, if you are not sure of your combat talents, is to take your time and wait for the rest of the units to murder each other.

Play with your friends

While you are in a squad with friends, the game at the end of the match awards a (albeit not the most generous) bonus to the survival experience you receive:

  • 5% for one friend in the squad;
  • 10% for two friends in the squad.

It won't save much time, but it's still better than nothing. After all, the experience of survival can be measured in thousands.

In addition, the whole squad gets a little experience in helping teammates:

  • 25 XP for each successful resuscitation;
  • 200 XP for respawn.

Commit as many murders as possible

Legend Tokens in Apex Legends screen

The higher your damage stats and the higher the number on the murder counter, the more "exp" the game will give:

  • for each murder — 50 XP;
  • for a unit of damage to opponents — 0.25 XP (that is, 1 XP for 4 units of damage).

You will not be able to farm experience by shooting at teammates. XP is awarded only for damage inflicted on enemy legends.

If you become a "murder leader," you will gain additional experience for every second that this title belongs to you. And by eliminating the same murder machine, you will get an additional 50 XP. Also, an impressive 500 points are provided for killing the champion and the team where he was.

In addition, there is also a good bonus for the first murder — the same 500 XP.

Complete the tests

The level increases if you complete daily and weekly tasks. If you close such peculiar quests, you will be able to get the next 600 tokens a little faster.