Guide for Chania — one of the most needed supports in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail and other party RPGs, you want to use combat skills more often, which help you cope with enemies faster and survive in difficult situations. It is not surprising that such valuable bonuses cannot be activated all the time. Therefore, it is good that the game has a Hanja character who solves this problem. What is useful for the heroine, how to fight for her and upgrade her — we will tell you in this article.

  • Rarity: four stars
  • Behavior in battle: support for allies
  • Damage type: Physical
  • Faction affiliation: Xianzhou Alliance
  • Appearance in the game: December 2023

Biography of Chania

honkai star rail game art

Hania is a girl with ash—colored hair and eyes, she serves on the Commission of the Ten Lords, an organization within the Xianzhou Alliance Navy. She is needed to investigate crimes related to immortality, which is considered a sin in the Xianzhou Alliance. To identify the culprits, we need people with supernatural abilities like Hania. The heroine reads the suspects' thoughts, as well as their past, on the basis of which a verdict is rendered.

The proximity to supernatural matters made Hanyu emotionless. The girl behaves aloof in almost all situations. Only with close people does a member of the Ten Lords Commission give free rein to his feelings.

From December 6th to December 26th, 2023, the judge of the Ten Lords Commission could be obtained in two banners of events. It's about the "Zero Contract" and the "Prickly Crown of Courage". The character can also be obtained in the options "Starting Jump," "Star Jump," and "Event Jump: Light Cone". There is a higher chance of getting a Hanyu from a standard, that is, a "Star Jump."

Characteristics of Chania

Hanja has three main characteristics: attack power, defense, and health. They are pumped together with the heroine. Speed and ridicule, on the contrary, do not change. At the initial stage, all the character's features look like this:

  • Health — 125
  • Attack — 77
  • Protection — 48
  • The speed is 110
  • Mockery — 100

Chania's Skills

Chania's Skills game art

As a support, Hania not only attacks enemies with her skills but also strengthens allies. In the second case, the ultimate and basic skills especially help. Hanja's abilities are listed below:

The basic attack is the "Oracle Brush". Deals physical damage to the enemy. Its value depends on the strength of Hanja's attack.

The main skill is "Shackles of Samsara". Deals damage to the enemy, depending on the base attack of the Hanja, and also imposes a "Burden" effect on it. Any team member who attacks the target will recover an action point. In this way, you can restore no more than two points, after which the "Burden" disappears. The bonus has a second limitation: it only works on the last opponent to whom it was applied.

The technique of "Justice of the underworld." It is activated before the battle. When entering a battle, Hanja puts a "Burden" effect on a random enemy.
The ultimate skill is "Following the decrees of the Ten lords." Increases the speed of the chosen ally, as well as its attack power. The first gain depends on the speed of the Hanja. The "ulta" effect lasts for two turns.

In addition to these active skills, Hania has a passive talent: "Punishment." It strengthens an ally attacking a target with the "Burden" status. In this way, the character strengthens his attack, skill, or "Ulta" — depending on how he attacked the enemy.

In what order should Hanja's skills be upgraded

Chania game art

First of all, we develop skills that strengthen allies: "Following the decrees of the ten lords", "Punishment," and "Shackles of Samsara." This should be done in the same order in which we listed the skills. The main attack is not as useful as the abilities listed above. We improve it last of all.

Traces of Chania

By pumping traces of Hanja, you can improve her characteristics and skills. The first ones include speed, attack power, and life points. Below, we have listed the stages of pumping bonuses in more detail:

  • the attack power increases by 4%
  • the speed increases by 2 units.
  • Attack power increases by 4%
  • Health increases by 4%
  • Attack power increases by 6%
  • the speed increases by 3 units.
  • Attack power increases by 6%
  • Health increases by 6%
  • the speed increases by 4 units.
  • Attack power increases by 8%

Traces of Chania Honkai Star Rail game art

In total, the player can increase the referee's attack power by 31%. And the speed and health of Chania — by 9 units. With the help of footprints, the user can also unlock skills:

  • "Keeping a record" — strengthens an ally who has restored action points by using the "Burden" effect. The attack power of the partner increases by 10%. The bonus is valid for 1 turn.
  • "Underworld" — restores an extra action point. The skill is triggered only when the heroine or ally has used the "Burden" effect and received 1 action point or less.
  • "Return to life" — with the help of the "Burden" effect, Hanja or an ally restores not only action points but also energy.

In what order should the traces of Chania be pumped?

The best option is to take up the trail first, pumping the power of the Hanja attack, then opening the "Protocol." Next, we alternate the tracks of both types. The detailed order will look like this:

  • Increase attack Power by 4%
  • The "Protocol management" skill
  • Increases the speed by 2 units.
  • Increase attack power by 4%
  • Increased health by 4%
  • The Underworld Skill
  • Increases Attack Power by 6%
  • Speed increase by 3 units.
  • Increase Attack power by 6%
  • The "Return to Life" skill
  • Increases health by 6%
  • Speed increase by 4 units.

Eidolons of Chania

game art Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, characters can be improved using not only footprints but also eidolons. There are six constellations available for Chania:

  • "One Heart" — when Hanja's ally kills an enemy under the influence of her "Ulta", the heroine's next action moves 15% forward. The effect works once a turn.
  • "Two looks" — "Shackles of samsara" increases the speed of Hanja by 20%. "Ulta" is valid for 1 turn.
  • "Three temptations" — increase the "Shackles of Samsara" by 2 points, but not above the 15th level. The basic attack "Oracle Brush" is also enhanced by 1 point, but not higher than level 10.
  • "Four Truths" — "Following the decrees of the Ten Lords" lasts 1 turn longer.
  • "Five skandhas" — increase "Following the decrees of the ten lords" by 2 points, but not above the 15th level. It's the same with the "Punishment" talent.
  • "Six Merits" — the talent "Punishment" increases damage by another 10%.

Which eidolon of Chania is the best?

Of all the eidolons, it is best to knock out "Two Views," "Four Truths," or "Six Merits." The first one makes Ulta more effective. The heroine gives her allies an even greater boost in speed as she herself becomes faster. That's because the strength of the "Ulta" depends on the characteristics of the Hanja.

The "Ulta" is also enhanced by the "Four Truths": The ability lasts 2 turns instead of 2. The "Six Merits" boosts the "Burden" effect: the enemies exposed to it receive even more damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chania

Chania lies

Chania is an effective support, but it is not suitable for all players. In order not to be disappointed in the heroine, you need to know her strengths and weaknesses:

The judge enhances almost all the characteristics that the damages need: speed, attack power, and the abilities themselves. The latter are improved with the help of the "Burden" effect. Hanja also allows you to restore action points. This will be useful for any squad.

When the support turns out to be too fast, it begins to interfere with the dumper. This does not apply to Chania. On the contrary, the higher her speed and the more frequent moves occur, the better the heroine plays the role of support.

The "Burden" effect is applied not only to ordinary enemies but also to elite ones and bosses. Hanja increases the damage that allies inflict on them.

As a rule, it is expensive to enhance the characters of Honkai: Star Rail. The user will invest considerable time and resources to acquire the coveted Eidolon. Chania doesn't need constellations to be a good support.
Hanja's main attack and her skill only hit one opponent, not an area. "Ulta" does not deal damage from her own actions at all but increases it for other characters.

The ultimate skill, "Following the decrees of the ten lords," increases the speed and attack power of an ally, which is important for damages. But this ability is expensive. In order to quickly accumulate energy for it, appropriate artifacts are needed. Or Hania should walk as often as possible, for which the characteristic "speed" is responsible.

"Following the decrees of the Ten Lords" strengthens one character at a time. You need to choose in advance who to spend the "ulta" on. The main dumper is most suitable for this role.

Hanyu is hard to get. Even if you do this at the beginning of the game, the materials that enhance the heroine are on the Xianzhou Lofu. To get there, you need to complete story missions on the Hertha Space Station and the planet Yarilo VI.

Is it worth getting Hanyu?

Yes, if the player needs to accumulate action points faster and strengthen the damages. The "Burden" effect allows them to hit enemies more painfully. Ulta is even more effective: It increases the damage and speed of a friendly hero. At the same time, if you need to support other team members, Hania is not a good fit for this.

Hanja is also not suitable for those who have enough speed and basic damage. For example, if the squad needs to recover energy faster, it's worth taking Tingyun. Those who need more critical damage will be helped by Yuk Kun.